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Keynote Speaker

Engagement, Connection, Confidence

Ben’s TEDx Talk (5 mins)

Recently Ben delivered his first TEDx talk in London, titled:

“How to create INSTANT Engagement and Connection”

To watch the full video (17 mins) click the link below:


“Ben had the entire audience transfixed from beginning to end!”

Sam Goss, President at Amplifi Europe

Ben’s Keynote Topics

In the pursuit of becoming a global TV Magician, Ben developed a “toolbox” of skills which he then applied to The World of business.
This led him to becoming a TV Exec, an online viral content creator with over 2 million followers and the co-founder of a digital marketing agency.
As a speaker he distills this knowledge into key areas that cover, Engagement & Connection, Mindset, Confidence, Resilience and Dealing with Failure.

Engagement & Connection

How to Magically ENGAGE and CONNECT with any audience, any size, anytime!

Failing to connect in the workplace can have negative effects across the entire company:
  • Staff aren’t clear on their direction
  • Leaders/managers can’t inspire, motivate or change their team’s behaviour
  • Client relationships suffer, and it’s more difficult to nurture and close potential leads.

In ANY interaction, if you can’t engage or create a connection, your message WILL NOT be received!


If Ben can’t grab and hold the attention of the audience, he is toast!

This is the same for all top performers, presenters, speakers – which is why they all use the same techniques when engaging with an audience of 1,000 people – pitching to a small group – OR talking to someone one and one at a dinner party.

Ben has spent decades mastering these skills and will teach some of the key principles that he uses.

These principles can be applied in a number of different situations so that your message will resonate and be heard with whoever you are talking to.

“I knew Ben would be a great speaker but rarely do we get speakers that light up an audience like he did. Not only was Ben’s talk entertaining, it was informative and actionable. He was also nothing but a pleasure to deal with. Don’t waste your time with some boring corporate speaker, hire Ben instead”
James Sandbrook, Co-Founder The Marketing Meetup


Failing Forward, Resilience, Goal Setting

How do magicians create the impossible!

A magician, by definition is able to make the impossible….possible. How?

The answer – They don’t have “magic powers” instead, there is a clear process involved coupled, with extremely hard work and resilience.

Ben has applied these skills to multiple ventures and the results have been amazing. From creating and executing hundreds of TV magic tricks, growing a social media following of over 2 million, or creating and building a successful Digital Marketing Agency the core skills remain the same.

His mindset can be distilled and explained in the form of core skills such as:

Being able to set clear goals – every single trick begins with a crystal clear goal. Ben knows exactly the destination he is heading for – He works backwards to create a step by step roadmap to get there.

Learning how to Fail – Every trick Ben has ever done has performed has failed at some point. He embraces failure as it is a chance to learn and grow.

Resilience – If you have a bad gig, the trick goes completely wrong, or the TV show you star in gets cancelled….it’s very hard to get up the next day and keep going. Ben has had so many moments in his career where “the rug has been pulled from underneath him” – in those moments, how do you keep going and keep moving forward.

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