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5 days on Countdown. 5 magic tricks!

The sound of the timer is much louder in the studio! I have been involved in a lot of TV shows over the years, but being the “Dictionary Corner Special Guest” for the week, was genuinely a TV bucket list of mine.

I have so many fond memories of being at university and watching countdown everyday with my best pals, and as a “TV GEEK” it’s one of the best TV formats! – During filming, as they record it almost in real time, it felt like I was actually “in the telly”!

Obviously I was asked to perform a magic trick each day, and had a lot of fun tailoring the magic to the theme of countdown. I used maths, rubik’s Cubes, calculators and of course a dictionary!

Since the shows aired, the reactions have been wonderful, so fingers crossed I’ll be back on again in the near future.

I better get practicing…..