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In this brand collab, I took to the streets to throw tantrums of epic proportions. 

I have done a lot of bonkers filming over the years, but this one definitely made me feel the most self conscious! Throwing random tantrums in front of strangers is harder than you think! 

But this was no ordinary act of frustration – it was a bold and creative collaboration with Theirworld’s Global Tantrum campaign. More than half of the world’s children – about 350 million – have no access to childcare and 175 million are not enrolled in pre-primary education. Without the right early years support, children fall behind even before they have started school.

As a parent, I really loved promoting this message, as our most challenging time was definitely in those first few years. That is when we needed help the most.

The Global Tantrum is part of Theirworld’s Act for Early Years campaign, which calls for a revolution in early years provision. We want to send a strong message to world leaders that they are ignoring the world’s youngest children through lack of investment and political action.

Theirworld will take the Global Tantrum to the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September to raise awareness among world leaders.